Adoption offers a child the security that only a permanent home can provide.  It means guiding a child -your child- through their formative years. It is a legal process that binds you to your child.  You become responsible for providing the love, understanding, support and guidance the child needs to grow up and develop

adoption process

The following steps generally occur once you decide to consider adoption


The Advantage Adoptions-OCOC staff will talk with you about adoption and provide information covering such things as child discipline and guidance.  Time will be spent talking about you and your family. You will also have the opportunity to talk about the child you think would best fit into your family.  An Advantage Adoptions-OCOC case manager will be assigned to work with you during the adoption process.


Your preparation for adoption will include 30 hours of group meetings to learn about the issues common to children in foster care.  An in-home interview or home study will be conducted prior to having children placed with you.  A criminal history and child abuse registry check are part of the home study.  If a criminal history is found, you will be asked to document resolution prior to approval as an adoptive parent.


At completion of all training and documentation requirements, you and the Advantage Adoptions-OCOC counselor will be ready to determine which child would best fit in your family.


The Director of Family Services will work with you, your case manager and DFPS staff through the matching process. Your home study will be submitted to appropriate DFPS agency staff for consideration of a child or children. 


When your family is selected, you will be given more information on the child’s history.  After you decide to move forward, a series of visits will be arranged between you and the child.  This will give you time to meet and get to know one another before the child is placed in your home.  When planned visits between you and the child are ready to proceed, arrangements are made for the actual move of the child into your home. 


Generally, the adoption can be finalized six months after a child is placed with you. You and an Advantage Adoptions-OCOCteam member will go to court where a judge will declare the child a permanent member of your family.

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