Support Groups


What are Support Groups?


Support groups offer a safe atmosphere in which to share information, concerns, feelings, solutions, and coping strategies with others going through similar experiences. While there are many joys and challenges that caregivers face, being part of a support group helps you know you have assistance in meeting the daily challenges. Our support groups are here to help you meet your challenges and gain confidence in a group environment.


Adoption Support Groups


S.A.F.E.T. - NET (Sharing Adoptive Family Experiences Through Networking) is a parent support group that is open to both adoptive and foster families. Families can participate in the support group at any stage of the adoption process. The support group welcomes adoptive, foster and kinship families.   


S.A.F.E.T.Net collaborates with other parent leadership groups in the Metroplex to help families find support groups in their area. Support group services include training, respite activities, referral resources and in-home services to identify specific needs. Child care is provided at most meetings.


Please complete the form at Contact Us to receive information on upcoming meeting locations, dates, and times.


*Funded in part by a mini grant from The North American Council on Adoptable Children 


Kinship Support Groups


The OCOC Kinship Program supports grandparents and other relative caregivers in order to allow their children to remain within their extended families and communities.


The program is open to any relative caregiver living in Tarrant County.  Caregivers who live in other counties will not be turned away when it is determined that our meetings will better meet their needs or when a support group is not available in their home county.  Self-referrals are encouraged, as well as referrals from community-based organizations.


The agency leads a collaborative of partners of the Tarrant County Kinship Network who offer an array of services from which caregivers can choose.  Support is provided to the caregivers, as well as for their kinship children through our Youth Program.  Available services include:


  • Family advocacy 

  • Case management 

  • Supportive counseling and crisis intervention 

  • Linkage with community resources 

  • Legal services 

  • Respite 

  • Support groups 

  • Workshops and trainings 

  • Youth activities (including community service, leadership and recreational activities) 

  • Family Sponsorship Opportunities


At Advantage Adoptions-OCOC we do everything we can to help our clients create a healthy, secure environment for their entire family—children and parents alike.  Our Sponsor-A-Family program gives donors the opportunity to provide for the specific needs of one or more families.


We invite corporations and individuals to show their support of families by donating gifts or making a monetary contribution to help make a family’s life more joyous. Whether you choose to donate groceries, gifts for needy children, or send a child to camp, your gifts are crucial to helping keep a family together, safe and happy. Contact us and we will be pleased to provide you with a family's "Wish List."


If you would like to sponsor a family in Tarrant County, please contact us at (682) 708-7375 or by email at the Contact page.