Advantage Adoptions-OCOC is a child placement agency.
Advantage Adoptions-OCOC provides services as a licensed child placing agency in Dallas, Tarrant and 17 surrounding counties which make up Region 03. Families are recruited, trained, licensed, and offered support services throughout the foster and adoption process. Additional services are provided to kinship families through in collaboration with other parent leadership groups in North Texas.

Adoption offers a child the security that only a permanent home can provide.  It means guiding a child -your child- through their formative years. It is a legal process that binds you to your child.  You become responsible for providing the love, understanding, support and guidance the child needs to grow up and develop. Read More...



A kinship support group can help caregivers find answers to these and other pressing issues through the support of others who face the same challenges.  Attending a support group gives caregivers time away from their children, and time with other adults and professionals who can offer encouragement and help with identifying resources in the community.



Support Services


Support groups offer a safe atmosphere in which to share information, concerns, feelings, solutions, and coping strategies with others going through similar experiences. While there are many joys and challenges that caregivers face, being part of a support group helps you know you have assistance in meeting the daily challenges. Our support groups are here to help you meet your challenges and gain confidence in a group environment. Just knowing that others have walked in your shoes - and survived - works wonders on helping you overcome.  Read More...



OCOC is committed to guiding you through this new and exciting time in your life. We provide training in a variety of areas for foster, adoptive, and kinship parents. This training will cover everything from how to deal with emotional issues brought on by the foster care process to raising your children in a healthy environment. Please click the link above for more information.





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Children are our future.


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